Company Funding History: Milestones from start-up to Industry Leader



In the course of our development, the company completed its shareholding transformation in June 2022 and completed its Series A financing program in September of the same year, which not only provided us with the necessary financial support, but also paved the way for our development and expansion. Today, we are pleased to reflect on these important milestones as a way to showcase the growth and achievements of our company.

       Our company was founded in 2007 by a group of passionate and innovative people. Over the past few years, our company has become a leader in the industry and our products and services have gained popularity worldwide. In order to support our continuous development and innovation, we have conducted A series A financing, the financing amount is 100 million, The new shareholders are three institutional investors: Komsomolink Fosun New Materials Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (Shanghai Fosun Fund), Komsomolink Baopu Venture Capital Partnership (limited partnership) (Guangzhou Jiansu Fund), Hongta Chuangxin Phase I (Zhuhai Hengqin) Industrial Investment Fund Partnership (limited partnership) (Hongta Securities Fund). After the completion of the financing, the company's registered capital was changed to 61.716 million yuan. This financing allows us to further strengthen our R&D investment, expand our market share and continue to enhance our brand image.