2024, here we come! Come and feel the New Year's blessing from Walken shares!



       Fireworks midnight stars, colorful New Year; Past Taurus thousand industry purple, the beginning of jade tiger ten thousand lines of spring; Abundant song happy peace chant, Ying dance spring breeze Shengyin; Raise your glass to a strong wine, a bright future.

      Start 1 to resume, to be updated in the fourth sequence. Today is the first day of 2024, ushering in the first festival of the year - New Year's Day, New Year's Day is also known as "three yuan", that is, the yuan of the year, the yuan of the month, the yuan of the time.

      The past 2023 has been a year of remarkable development for Walken; During this year, we achieved many firsts in the history of our company. These achievements are inseparable from the care and support of leaders, customers, friends and partners; It is inseparable from the efforts and struggles of every Walcan! Here I would like to say thank you to everyone!

      2023 is a great year, controlled nuclear fusion has made major progress, and the Kirin 9000S chip pure domestic has achieved major achievements. In the case of such rapid development of national scientific research, we are also committed to building Walken into an international first-class supplier of new materials, so that the world will fall in love with Walken new materials.

      2023 is Walken's growth year, under the care of the superior government, under the strong support of business partners, under the strong leadership of the board of directors, and under the joint efforts of all Walken people, the company won the title of "Little Giant", and won the title of municipal intellectual property enterprise, the establishment of soil and water research and development center, and the completion of the second phase of the Guizhou plant. Achieved a record growth rate of operating income and net profit, which strengthened confidence in Walken's high-quality development.

      In 2024, we will work harder to implement the Walken spirit with "Mission, hard work, lean, persistence and humility" as the core, and will work harder to realize the vision of "developing advanced materials and creating a better life"!

Warm reminder:

      Winter is coming, the weather is cold, recently, the spread of influenza virus infection is rapid, infected adults, children cases are on the rise. Please pay attention to your health and temperature changes. Seek medical attention if you find any abnormal health. Daily pay attention to personal hygiene, especially to wash hands frequently, bathe frequently, pay attention to warmth, pay attention to indoor ventilation.