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 Good news! Walken Shares named "2023 China Employer of the Year"

       Recently, Zhaopin announced the results of the 2023 China's Top Employer of the Year selection, Walken Shares with "excellent human resources practice, and continuous investment in talent development", stood out from many participating enterprises, won the "2023 China's Top Employer of the Year" title! It fully confirms Walken's strong corporate strength and effective employer brand building in many aspects such as enterprise management, talent strategy and corporate culture.

        The selection of "China's Top Employers of the Year" in 2023 starts from the following dimensions: employer culture, employer image, salary and benefits, organization and management, growth and development, working environment, etc., and is committed to multi-dimensional evaluation from the enterprise, truly people-oriented, connecting talents and enterprises, helping talents to obtain pleasant work experience and sense of achievement, and ultimately promoting the common progress of employees, enterprises and society.

       Congratulations to Walken, which not only affirms Walken's unremitting efforts for human resources practice, but also recognizes Walken's outstanding employer strength, and Walken won the "2023 China's Top Employer of the Year" award. It is inseparable from every Walken leader, the efforts and support of talent introduction, the continued attention to talent development, and the continuous investment in employee welfare.

       Walken takes the development of advanced materials and the creation of a better life as the enterprise mission, adhering to the core values of "mission, hard work, lean, persistence, humility", and striving with a solid pace.

      In the future, we will continue to introduce middle and high-end technical talents, continuously optimize the talent development strategy, improve the manpower training system, deeply tap the potential of employees, build a workplace health ecosystem, and create a better future for Walken.

      Walken always puts "people" in the first place, we always believe that everyone's potential is immeasurable, Walken will continue to work hard in the journey of human resources practice in the future, committed to providing every employee with a diversified and sustainable career development platform, we look forward to creating a better future with you! Let's witness this exciting highlight moment!

       Thanks for the recognition of Walken from all walks of life, Walken will maintain its original heart in the future, continue to forge ahead, actively assume more social responsibilities, and create greater value for employees and society.