Werlchem Shares "Zongzi" Enjoy Time, Dragon Boat Festival With Joy


       Small fan lead slightly cool, leisurely summer long, the beauty of the world has Duanyang. It is a year to the festival, mugwort leaves fragrance, wheat waves turn yellow, the breeze slowly, twist the horizon floating clouds, sprinkling a golden. Bamboo leaves, wrapped into the beauty of life, whether salty or sweet, are full of affectionate expectations. We pray prayerfully for your joy and peace.

       In order to inherit and carry forward the spiritual connotation of traditional culture, enrich the daily life of employees, and enhance the harmonious atmosphere between various departments, Walken Chongqing Research Institute and Walken Guangan Factory will carry out Dragon Boat Festival theme activities on the morning of June 7, 2024.

       Let the employees on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, package green Zongzi, make sachet, share the happy time, the activity aims to encourage employees not to forget the original intention, let the employees participate in the activity, plant the good hope for life.

       This activity is sponsored by the administrative personnel Department of the two places, and the participants cover the Quality research Department, synthesis laboratory, material purification and application, project management department, EHS Department, Engineering Department, Production Department, Quality Department, etc.

       Guang 'an factory adopts the principle of registration, participants need to register in advance at the department's internal staff; Chongqing Research Institute is to allow departments to send outstanding representatives, teams to participate in fun activities, the participants in the activity can get the administration and human resources Department prepared a gift package.

       In the activity, fresh green fragrance of bamboo leaves, full glutinous rice, fat and thin pork, red and sweet dates and other raw materials are neatly on the table, the small partners involved in the activity are eager to try, everyone according to the group divided in advance, will pack the show, will not pack the current learning, the scene is very lively.

       In addition, the administrative personnel department also prepared a sachet diy material package, we according to the tutorial, carefully sewing, the Dragon Boat Festival good wishes, together into the round wormwood sachet. In this event, the first prize is the second group, they are Shi Zhihui, Liu Siyuan, Zeng Ke, He Xin, let us congratulate them!

       And the winners of the participation award are Hu Yi、Xu Ke Lei、Mo Fu Wei、Wang Hua、Chen Qing Ling、Long Juan、Fu Hui Rong、Liu Sai、Zuo Ru yao、Cao Quan、He Yi、Zhang  Ying,Thank you very much for your enthusiastic participation!

       After the exciting competition, the small partners of the research Institute ushered in a group dinner. Members of all departments gathered at the Garden restaurant on the fifth floor to enjoy the rural health food set prepared by the Administration and Human Resources Department.

       Guang 'an factory administrative personnel partners also arranged the Dragon Boat Festival gift package for the friends who won the competition, I hope you have fun in the activity, have a good time!

       At this point, the Dragon Boat Festival theme activities successfully concluded. The world is beautiful, take "Zongzi" and come, on the eve of the festival, we do not take the time, gather here, wish you a peaceful summer, the next day is a good scenery, administrative personnel department wish you a small partner Dragon Boat Festival Ankang!