What is the export prospect of pharmaceutical intermediates?


Many foreign trade professionals have limited knowledge of pharmaceutical intermediates, and some foreign trade professionals have never seen such a term. Pharmaceutical intermediates are materials produced by pharmaceutical processes that undergo complex manufacturing processes to become a type of material. Basic chemicals are processed through chemical synthesis to form pharmaceutical intermediates, which then further form raw materials. Drug trading requires strict requirements in foreign trade transactions and belongs to one of the six categories of dangerous goods, How can we improve delivery rates in foreign trade transactions? This article takes the export of pharmaceutical intermediates as an example to help foreign traders smoothly export pharmaceutical goods.
1、 Understand the development status of foreign trade in China's pharmaceutical intermediate industry
According to data, the pharmaceutical market around the world is showing an upward trend, with revenue increasing to nearly 900 billion US dollars compared to around 700 billion US dollars in 2010. Medical products are a large demand for foreign trade goods globally. With the increase of global population, the continuous improvement of medical and health technology, and the rapid progress of China's medical technology, the overall level of medicine in the world is still relatively low, Only some developed countries have a relatively high level of medical care, resulting in a sharp increase in demand for Chinese pharmaceutical intermediates. In the selection of export products by foreign traders, pharmaceuticals have become a necessity. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the current domestic listed companies are still at the low end of the industrial chain. Whether in professional medical care or services, the core pharmaceutical intermediates or the most important driving force, in the next few years, the world's new drugs such as anti rheumatism, brain function improvement drugs, anti AIDS drugs, antidepressants and other drugs are still in urgent need of development and research. China, as a major producer, There is a very bright prospect for the pharmaceutical export and foreign trade industry.
2、 Choose appropriate export channels for foreign trade
Hong Kong and Shenzhen customs logistics professionals are more suitable for exporting pharmaceutical intermediates. Due to the nature of the drugs themselves, most of the goods have higher value and the export volume has not reached the same level as other exported goods. Therefore, it is more suitable to export the goods through express delivery. In addition, there are some places in Hong Kong that allow legitimate dangerous goods to be shipped through express delivery, and such specialized transportation channels are available, This eliminates the tedious process brought about by ordinary transportation methods and improves the efficiency of foreign trade exports. Shenzhen logistics professionals can also transport pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticide raw materials, and various liquid powders, while providing air, sea, and express transportation methods. The transportation methods are diverse, which can provide certain convenience for foreign trade transportation to a certain extent. Pharmaceutical foreign trade personnel can actively search for similar transportation methods and form their own export transportation chain in case of unexpected needs.
3、 Analyzing the prospects through the production characteristics of pharmaceutical intermediates

Most of the companies engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates are private enterprises, which have flexible business operations and do not require large investment scales. They are particularly suitable for exporting various foreign-funded enterprises, and their saturation is not very full. This provides a great opportunity for foreign trade professionals who want to engage in pharmaceutical intermediate foreign trade. China requires more than 2000 types of raw materials and intermediates each year, with a demand of over 2.5 million tons, With such a rich variety of raw materials and basic supporting facilities, only a small portion needs to be imported, and the low prices of raw materials have achieved a large export demand for foreign trade. Secondly, the distribution of pharmaceutical production enterprises is relatively concentrated, and they can provide foreign trade supply and export to regions with high tolerance and high demand. The product update speed of drugs is also relatively fast. As long as there are resources or supplies of new technologies, attention is paid to the development of the medical industry, and early negotiations with suppliers on foreign trade cooperation, large profits can be obtained in foreign trade regions with high demand. Moreover, compared to raw materials, the cost of pharmaceutical intermediates is relatively low. However, the production process of raw materials and intermediates is extremely similar, and many enterprises utilize their advantages to produce their own raw materials into pharmaceutical intermediates. Nowadays, the demand for some drugs such as phenylacetic acid and fluoropyridine intermediates is also continuing to increase. As foreign traders, we should be good at learning about foreign trade data through big data and analyzing sales points through data-driven analysis, which will provide us with more profit space.